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What are the benefits of working with a local payroll bureau?

We were recently asked what the benefits are of working with a local payroll bureau. This got us thinking that this is probably not common knowledge and we’ve decided to go into a little more detail. But, before we do that, another question also springs to mind. Why choose a payroll bureau in Kent, for example, over a payroll bureau in Manchester? Besides being a million miles away, a professional payroll bureau should have the ability to offer a nationwide service. Have a look at our opinion below:

Understanding Payroll and Technology


Payroll is a necessary function for all businesses because without an accurate payroll, employee morale will be affected. As a result, the business will ultimately suffer. Whether you have your own in-house payroll software or use a local Payroll Bureau, there is no way of escaping this critical function. In addition, it is essential to select a managed services provider that meets industry standards such as the CIPP accreditation and BACS accreditation.


As we have previously mentioned, the cost of running payroll in house is substantially higher compared to a fully outsourced payroll solution. The outsourced service provider will bear the cost and invest in functional payroll software. It is the Bureau Software that makes all the difference. Bureau software should provide online, GDPR compliant, portals whereby information can be transferred securely from bureau to client and vice versa. So, technically speaking, everything can really be done remotely. Bureaux will often provide a point of contact or account manager that you can call if any issues arise.

The one “true” benefit of working with a local payroll bureau

You would rarely need to meet your account manager face to face. But working with a local payroll bureau will give you that opportunity. Meeting with your payroll account manager will depend solely on the complexity of your payroll. If you have a complex payroll that requires frequent changes, such as weekly as well as monthly pay runs, we would highly recommend using a local payroll bureau.

How can we MP Payroll Solutions help you?

We provide a fully outsourced payroll solution that is designed to save you time and money. Our service is mostly communicated remotely either via our Bureau software or over the phone. In other words, no matter where you are located within the UK, we will design a bespoke solution for you and efficiently communicate as well as guide you through the process.    

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