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Payroll input sheet for salary preparations

The purpose of this payroll input sheet is to help you with financial recording of your employees’ pay. It allows you to add up to 14 employees, adding their hours and rates together to calculate the gross salary they would be due to receive. In addition, the sheet also factors in overtime hours and rates, any bonus payments to be made as well as deducts any unpaid days off (for instance, sickness or unpaid leave) to give a clear total of the payments to your employees. This will also help you manage your employer costs in a simple and easy to read format.

How to use it

To use this payroll input sheet, you simply check the heading of the column and put the corresponding information for the employee into that box. Column G is the starting point for your information which is titled employee reference. If you are only using the payroll input sheet to track employee wages, then this column is not vital. Enter the employee’s first name and surname into column H and I respectively. Hours, or column J, requires the amount of hours you wish to pay the employee for. Column K, or rate, requires the amount you want to pay them per hour, with the totals hours multiplied by the rate being automatically calculated. You can find this in Column P or gross pay column.

This total will also update for overtime hours and rates. If your overtime rate is the same as your standard pay rate, please make sure the figure is in both column K as well as column M. Any lump sum bonus payments must be put into column N. Any unpaid days off that you want to deduct from the worker must be entered into column O. If any of these boxes are to be blank, please enter £0.00. The total gross payment due to your employee will be in column P.


You do not have to fill in every box for the payroll input sheet to work, but if you enter a number into “hours” you must enter a number into “rate”. This is the same for “overtime hours” and “overtime rate”. The other fields are for lump sum amounts; therefore, they can function alone.

Starters and leavers tab

The starters and leavers tab is self-explanatory. Simply enter in all the details under subheadings in order to record your employee’s financial information. Contact MP Payroll Solutions if you require any assistance. Download the payroll input sheet for salary preparations below.

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Download your Payroll Input Sheet
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