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See our accreditations such as ISO 27001, GDPR and HMRC recognised software.

CIPP (PAS) Accreditation

Because we are CIPP (PAS) accredited, you can rest assured that your employees will be paid on time, every time. In addition, the accreditation offers confidence in our payroll bureau services in the following ways: 

  • Greater effectiveness and efficiencies within the payroll function, therefore saving time and money

  • Dedicated to compliance and best practice in payroll

  • Suitable processes in place for preparing and delivering legislative changes

  • The business is dedicated to life-long learning and development for our staff

  • Unprecedented service levels to customers

Bacs Approved Bureau

Because we are BACS approved, you can rest assured that your employee data is safe in our hands. In addition, we work to stringent data security standards including hourly off-site data backups. The following will be included: 

  • Payroll and Workforce Management Software is fully GDPR compliant

  • All staff have undertaken extensive GDPR training

  • Strict clear desk policy

  • Data is transferred using secure online web portals

MP Payroll's HMRC recognised logo

HMRC Recognised Software

Making use of HMRC recognised software streamlines the submission process to HM Revenue and Customs. Therefore, our software makes it easier to do the following:

  • Recording your employees’ details

  • Work out your employees’ pay and deductions

  • Report your payroll information to HMRC

  • Work out how much you need to pay HMRC

  • Calculate statutory pay, for example maternity or sick pay

  • Automatically pull down the latest tax codes from the HMRC every time we run the payroll


ISO 27001 

Because we use Star Payroll software, which is ISO 27001 certified, you can rest assured that best practice information security processes are in place. In addition, the ISO 27001 will benefit you in the following ways: 

  • Protect your data, wherever it lives

  • Increase resilience to cyber attacks 

APSCo Trusted Partner

Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo)

We have been awarded Trusted Partner status by APSCo which represents the gold standard of recruitment suppliers. To be awarded this status, MP Payroll Solutions has successfully passed a rigorous due diligence and assessment process. MP Payroll only pays agency workers PAYE using your agency PAYE number. We do not operate any umbrella companies, Ltd companies or other ‘schemes’ so there is no confusion for your agency staff or your clients. Read more about our status as a Trusted Partner here.

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