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tax period calendar, tax year, financial calendar, tax week, tax month

Download 2019/20 Tax Period Calendar 

The purpose of a Tax Period Calendar is to accurately identify what tax week or month your business is currently operating in. You can also use this Financial Calendar for general planning such as monthly or yearly financial planning, tax year planning, as a tax payment calendar, a payroll calendar as well as other financial purposes.

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a person using the Payroll input sheet for salary preparations, starters and leavers tab

Download your payroll input sheet

The purpose of this payroll input sheet is to help you with financial recording of your employees’ pay. This will also help you manage your employer costs in a simple and easy to read format. In addition, we’ve added a starters and leavers tab to help you manage your employee data. 

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local payroll bureau, payroll bureau in kent blog image

What are the benefits of working with a local payroll bureau?

We were recently asked what the benefits are of working with a local payroll bureau. This got us thinking that this is probably not common knowledge and we’ve decided to go into a little more detail. In this blog post we identify the one true benefit of working with a local payroll bureau:

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avoid the 7 payroll pitfalls blog image, payroll personnel

How to avoid the 7 Payroll Pitfalls?

Over the years, MP Payroll Solutions have provided outsourced payroll services to hundreds of companies within the UK. We have a lot of experience in determining payroll errors in small businesses and how to resolve them. The aim of this post is to help businesses avoid the 7 Payroll Pitfalls. From our point of view, it seems like SME businesses make the following critical payroll mistakes:

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Outsourced payroll cost, frequency of pay, payroll changes

How much does outsourced payroll cost?

As a Payroll Bureau, a very common question we get asked is “How much does outsourced payroll cost?”. This generally gets asked during the sales process as potential clients want some type of price indication. So, the best person to answer this question is our very own Sales Manager, Mr Dave Williams. View Dave’s response below:

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P11D deadline, tax year, benchmark rate

It’s not too late to meet the P11D deadline!

Two days to go until the P11D deadline, which is on the 6th of July 2019. So, it’s not too late for you to meet the deadline. By law, at the end of each tax year, HMRC must be provided with details of expenses, benefits as well as facilities provided to your employees and directors during the tax year. Click below to view the full blog post.

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Outsourced payroll work, payroll provider, payroll companies, payroll contract

How does Outsourced Payroll Work?

Outsourcing ones’ payroll is always a difficult decision. There’re so many considerations to keep in mind when undergoing the selection of a payroll service provider. We’ve identified 4 easy steps, to answer the popular question of “How does Outsourced Payroll Work?”. Read more to see our steps. 

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Mind West Kent

MP Payroll Solutions partners with West Kent Mind

We are proud to announce that MP Payroll Solutions will be supporting West Kent Mind charity throughout the year. MP Payroll has selected this local charity because there is no better feeling than giving back to a great cause. We aim to raise funds through various events in order to support West Kent Mind. We challenge other local brands to support a local charity and drive awareness for the positive work they do.

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executive pay gap report

3 Factors you need to know about Executive Pay Gap Reporting!

Firstly, what is the Executive Pay Gap report? This means the UK’s biggest listed companies must now justify the gap between senior executives and their staff. In other words, businesses will have to justify the difference between senior executive salaries and average annual pay for employees. This is different to the Gender Pay Gap reporting because Executive Pay reports on seniority and not gender. 

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Public Service, reasonable time off

Can an employee get time off work for public duties?

As a Payroll Bureau, we are often asked for advice and guidance surrounding time off work for public duties, specifically Jury Service. However, it is important to remember that there are other forms of public duties that also require time off work. This blog post was guided with courtesy of HMRC.

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3 Advantages of Flexible Working for Employers & Employees

Flexible working is a hot topic in the UK, however, it is not fully understood by employers as well as employees. To be fair, there are many factors to consider from both sides. We aim to address some key advantages for both the employees as well as the employers below.

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MP Payroll Solutions is now CIPP (PAS) Accredited

We are excited to announce that MP Payroll Solutions has achieved the CIPP PAS accreditation. Above all, this is the CIPP’s flagship payroll audit solution. In addition, it offers peace of mind to all who work with the industry or are seeking payroll services.

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How to improve your Gender Pay Gap Statistic?

Gender Pay Gap reporting is relatively new; therefore, most businesses are struggling to improve their data. In order to improve this data, you first need to understand the definition of Gender Pay Gap, how this differs from Equal Pay and what it measures. 

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2019 Statutory Pay Increases

Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced during his October budget speech that the National Living Wage will increase from 1st April 2019. Smiliarly, the government also accepted all other national living wage increases suggested by the Low Pay Commission or LCP. Have a look at the breakdown below.

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