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1. Getting Started

Who will be the primary point of contact?

A dedicated Payroll consultant will be provided to you that will deal with any day to day payroll queries. You will also have a dedicated Account Manager who will look after anything contractually and SLA’s.

Who will be carrying out the work?

Your dedicated Payroll Consultant will look after your payroll.

Who will deal with any arising issues?

Your first point of call will be your Payroll Consultant. However, if not resolved, the issue will be escalated to your Account Manager.

How quickly will my queries be dealt with?

All queries are acknowledged within 15 minutes during working hours. Each resolution would depend on the complexity and additional resources required.

Where are the payrolls processed?

In our in-house Payroll Bureau.

What type of solution is best for my needs?

We need to gain a full understanding of the Client’s business needs and will then build an entirely flexible service around their requirements.

2. Service

What reports are available and what can be included in them?

We have over 450 report templates we can offer. However, if none are to your liking, then we can create something more bespoke for you.

Can you offer additional information and services such as absence tracking?

Yes. You can track employee absence and sickness with our Workforce Management Software.

Do you provide ePayslips?

Yes. All ePayslips are published on your online payslip portal.

How do you manage time and attendance?

We can integrate with any Time & Attendance software that is able to generate a CSV or Excel report. We upload this data to our systems and use it to run the hours worked.

How are Payroll taxes handled?

Income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC’s) are handled through our Payroll Software. In addition, we can download the latest HMRC tax codes through RTI and put them to use.

3. Security

What is your security and disaster policy?

Physical security in the form of key fobs are used to enter the Bureau. Our software is also audited annually. In addition, our software is also fully ISO accredited and is backed up live. Therefore, should there be a disaster, we can move to another location and be up and running within 2 business hours.

Are you BACs accredited?

Yes. MP Payroll Solution is fully BACS accredited. The last audit was in October 2016.

How secure is your data?

We backup our data onto two servers. One server is located on-site and the other is off-site however still located within the UK.

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