Fully Outsourced Payroll for your Business

Bespoke Payroll Solution | Secure Portal | GDPR Compliant

MP Payroll Solutions

  • Reliable, cost efficient and professional Outsourced Payroll service for any business.
  • UK based and fully HMRC and CIPP compliant.
  • Secure employer portal allows you to send and receive information in a GDPR compliant way.
  • Secure web-based area for each of your employees. For example, employees can view payslips, P60/P11D, other payroll and pension related documents.
  • Industry leading customer service
  • BACS and ISO security accreditations
CIPP PAS Accredited

Dependable and Professional

The accuracy of your payroll has a direct impact on staff morale as well as productivity. So why not let the professionals handle this for you? Our experienced team will provide accurate gross to net calculations and ensure that your employees receive the correct payment on the right day.

In addition, your account will be managed by a professionally qualified Payroll Consultant, who will assist you every step of the way. Above all, our people are committed to providing the best customer service that the market has to offer.

Therefore, ensuring your employees are paid correctly and on time. Most importantly, make your payroll process as painless as possible with MP Payroll Solutions.

Bespoke Reporting

We also offer a wide range of reports to meet your exact business needs. All data is delivered to you through a secure web-based portal, therefore meeting all GDPR requirements.

Your Secure Portal

Features of your secure area on our payroll software include:

  • Send your data to MP Payroll
  • Receive copies of your employee’s payroll documents, payslips, P60/P11D together with pension as well as other payroll information
  • All documents fully encrypted with SSL security certification

Your Employee Portal

Your employees will also be issued with their own secure web-based portal

  • Secure access to ePayslips as well as all other payroll documents
  • Employees can manage their own password and login details
  • All documents fully encrypted with SSL security certification

What’s included in the Outsourced Payroll Service

  • Tax as well as NI calculated for all tax codes and NI categories
  • Processing of Sick pay, maternity pay, paternity pay as well as adoption pay.
  • Student loan as well as court order payments calculated automatically
  • Pensions (includes stakeholder pensions and auto-enrolment)*
  • Secure employer and employee portals
  • Audit trail – historical record of all entries
  • Manual check by experienced payroll technician
  • Average pay calculations
  • BACS payments to employees and also third parties
  • Submission of all statutory reports such as RTI and P32
  • File by internet (FBI) interface
  • Produce and submit Full Payment Submission (FPS) to HMRC
  • Produce and submit Employer Payment Summary (EPS) to HMRC
  • Pension output interfaces to all providers
  • Monthly and annual reports designed for your accounting software*
  • Produce P45 for employees as required
  • Provide electronic employee P60 and e-payslip
  • Complete and submit EPS (EOY version) to HMRC
  • Dedicated UK-based Payroll Consultant
  • Dedicated UK-based Technical Support

*Additional charges may also apply for more complex processes

In addition, we offer HR Services as well as user friendly software. Most importantly, view our blog for more information on Payroll and HR.

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